TRIA home laser gets 2nd eye safety patent

TRIA Beauty has announced a new patent for its home-use laser hair removal device:

One of the keys to bringing this professional technology to the personal-use market was developing an eye-safe design. Most in-office professional lasers require both physician and patient to wear protective goggles to shield their eyes from the laser beam. However, the TRIA laser was designed with patented Diffuse Radiance Technology(TM) that enables the laser to deliver therapeutic levels of laser energy that will not harm the retina. Patent #7,452,356 complements the original patent, #7,250,045 that TRIA Beauty received for Diffuse Radiance Technology(TM). No goggles are required when using the TRIA laser as a result of this breakthrough technology, which converts coherent laser light into incoherent light. In fact, the TRIA Laser Hair Removal System carries the lowest Laser Hazard Classification (Class I) of any laser product currently available to consumers, a safer rating than most common laser pointers.

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