Inaba, 1981 (plucking and regrowth)

Inaba, 1981

Title: Regeneration of axillary hairs after plucking.

Authors: Inaba M, McKinstry CT, Umezawa F

Journal: J Dermatol Surg Oncol 1981 Mar;7(3):249-59

PMID: 7229184, UI: 81192663

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Studies on the regeneration of axillary hairs after plucking are described. Regeneration of axillary hairs after plucking was recognized as originating in a special region of the upper isthmus of the hair apparatus, from which point solid pegs of epithelial cells grow downward and form inner root sheaths. New hairs form in their centers. At this stage, the lower parts of the hair follicles descend while the new hairs grow from the centers of the pegs by vigorous mitosis of germinal cells. Eventually, the epithelial cells wrap around masses of mesenchymal cells and form new bulbs from which hair shafts grow upward. The new matrices acquire new complements of functioning melanocytes.