Mimouni-Bloch, 1997 (waxing complications)

Mimouni-Bloch, 1997

Title: Severe folliculitis with keloid scars induced by wax epilation in adolescents.

Authors: Mimouni-Bloch A, Metzker A, Mimouni M

Journal: Cutis 1997 Jan;59(1):41-2

PMID: 9013070, UI: 97165309

Affiliated institution: Department of Emergency Pediatrics, Schneider Children’s Medical Center of Israel, Petah Tiqva, Israel.

Wax epilation is a popular and generally safe technique used to remove unwanted body hair. We describe two adolescent girls who sustained severe folliculitis following wax epilation. Despite treatment with systemic antibiotics and local treatment, their rash evolved to severe permanent keloid scars. We suggest that parents and adolescents should be advised to perform wax epilation in optimal hygienic conditions. Physicians should be aware of this possible sequela and treat it rapidly and aggressively, with both topical and systemic agents, to avert complications.