Epilady, Inc.

Epilady, Inc.

Address: 3050 Post Oak Blvd. Suite 1710 Houston TX 77056
Phone: 888-737-7978 (toll-free)
Website: http://www.epilady.com/

Epilady makes a series of shavers and rotary epilators for the consumer market:

Lady B: a battery-powered trimmer
Mini Epishave: a wet/dry shaver
Discrette: a corded epilator
Legend: a rechargeable epilator
Duet: a corded shaver/epilator

Epilady consumer review: Duet and Legend

Women of a certain age might remember the original Epilady, which was a popular Christmas gift one fateful year in the late 1980s. Besides the implications of giving this as a gift, it was not the most comfortable device to use. It used rotating coils that would grasp hair and pull it out by the root. I imagine many of the husbands who gave the original device as a gift are now ex-husbands.

Fast forward to 2005, and I am happy to announce that the brand has been brought back in a much more comfortable incarnation.

The folks at Epilady were kind enough to send HiarFacts a Legend and a Duet for evaluation. I have been using a Braun epilator of many years, and I have been recommending Braun devices for many years. The new Epilady epilators use the same technology as the Braun devices: rotating rows of tweezers that grasp hairs, rather than the old rotating coils.

The Duet shaver/epilator

This is a nice sized device that is easy to hold. The foil razor does a nice job, but as with any electric razor, there are a few differences from a regular razor. You are not going to get as close a shave with an electric razor, but this can be good for those who tend to get razor bumps or bikini rash when shaving, or ingrown hairs in the ensuing days. Foil shavers are very safe, but for large areas and curves, I usually find them a little hard to use. It also has a trimmer option for shaping.

The Legend epilator

The epilator is very nice. One big improvement over my old Braun is the slight concave curve of the epilator head. This allows for much betterepilation on arms and legs. The other great innovation is the tweezers themselves. My old Braun had four rows of tweezers on the rotating head, but the Epilady devices have six staggered rows. The metal part of the tweezer also has a Y-shape on the end, which channels the hair into the tweezer as it spins. This makes the whole process more efficient and less painful.

It has two speeds and the quick one works as well as the slower one. It’s very quiet compared to my old device, and the Legend holds a charge long enough to do my arms and legs. If needed, it has a nice long cord, a necessity if you are doing your legs or heard to reach areas.

Of the two, I personally like the Legend much better. The Duet’s shaving option is great for those who want it, but it doesn’t fint in your hand as well. The Legend has an hourglass shape that makes it much easier to grip and maneuver.

Overall HairFacts reviews

Epilady Duet shaver/epilator: B+

Epilady Legend rechargeable epilator: A