Body EQ Spam (WARNING!)

Spam by Body EQ

Hair Away is a depilatory and topical hair inhibitor sold by

Hair Away or any other hair-related products sold by Body EQ should be avoided by all consumers.

Given that there is no published proof of this claim and given their history of pushing cut-rate products, this is definitely one to avoid. It’s just an Epil-Stop wannabe.

As I noted with many hair removal scams, the real business is affiliate commission, not the product sold. From

"BodyEQ affiliates use our highly effective links and banners. Exciting sweepstakes and gift-with-purchase offers drive a high volume of traffic to generate sales and commissions. To earn 22% commission, sign up as a affiliate at Commission Junction. And send your visitors to the ultimate skincare, bath & body, beauty and nutrition center!"

The Body EQ people have also been involved in the sale of dirt-cheap wristwatches of questionable quality and the generation of mailing lists through sites that offer free junk like their cheap stopwatches. They are now moving into the bigger world of cosmetics, as evidenced by the Hair Away product.

These kind of affiliate programs are frequently used by questionable companies. They allow them to do aggressive marketing by making others do the selling for them. Unfortunately, "rogue affiliates" often rersort to unsavory activities in order to make the sale. One of their affiliates has been doing some spamming to a South Dakota ISP as of summer 2002, which is certain to bring them to the attention of some anti-spam people they would rather not meet.

BodyEq affiliates’ spamming history

Stanford International Holding Corporation
834 S. Broadway, 5th Floor, Los Angeles, California, 90014
TEL (213) 243-1505 FAX (213) 243-1509

BodyEq spams me

To demonstrate the problem of scum like BodyEQ using rogue affiliates, On February 6, 2003, a BodyEq affiliate spammed me. The spamboy affiliate involved had the code name t933o.

Received: from ([])

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  Super – Comfortable Hot & Cold Eye Compress
Experience the wonderful relaxing, rejuvenating feeling of a warm (or cold) compress around your eyes. 
* Reduces Crows feet and shadows
* Improves Blood Circulation  
Feels great when sinuses or congestion are a problem.
It’s Safe, reusable, convenient and super comfortable.
Can be chilled in refrigerator or heated in warm water.
Tropical Cotton Waffle Loofah Pad
Loofah is a tropical fruit from the pumpkin family. When the fruit is dried it becomes a wonderful washing cloth and scrubber. The loofah not only cleanses impeccably but also stimulates circulation, refreshes, and smoothes the skin-even enhancing the skin’s ability to renew itself.
Japanese Lavender Relaxation Bath Tablet
In Japan, the bath is an important ritual — cleansing, relaxing, and stress-relieving. Now people all over the world are taking time out for themselves … and rediscovering the restorative power of a leisurely, soothing Japanese bath. You can too! Bathe in healing lavender to relieve  muscle aches, menstrual cramps, even itchy mosquito bites. Lavender is also believed by some to dispel depression and promote relaxation and sleep.
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Would you expect something legitimate from a spam-friendly company that promotes products with a name like megamooch? I wouldn’t.

Bottom line: Consumers should consider this Hair Away product the same way they would if someone on the street came up and said, "Hey buddy, wanna buy a watch?"