GHR and AHRS “studies”: who stole from whom?

GHR and AHRS "studies": who stole from whom?

Stolen almost word-for-word

GHR electric tweezer maker Judith Stephens has a long resume of fake credentials. But were GHR "clinical studies" stolen by rival AHRS?

Compare for yourself

Look at these "studies" on a GHR promotional site called "Kitty’s Consumer Beware":

Now compare them to the "original" data from AHRS’s 1990 FDA 510(k) submission:

AHRS effectiveness study

AHRS pH analysis

Here’s a text version showing the just how much of the AHRS "studies" are identical to GHR data :

Effectiveness data

pH data

Obviously Stephens is happily passing off AHRS data as GHR’s , or vice versa, thanks to the help of several accomplices, including a web designer who has gone to great lengths to make the GHR scam seem legitimate.

"Kitty’s Consumer Beware" is a GHR sales site run by one of Judith Stephens’ collaborators. The site designer, a former GHR salesperson using the alias "Katherine ‘Kitty’ Cook," has collected a rag-tag group of accomplices, some already known in the world of hair removal scams. These people have conspired to develop a sales site masquerading as a consumer advocacy site. They have attempted to lay a veneer of truth over the deceptive and illegal sales tactics of Stephens and her accomplices.

By comparing "Kitty’s" page (or another GHR sales site) with the AHRS submission data, it’s clear that either AHRS or GHR has simply replaced the name of the rival device with their device.

Shame on everyone involved in promoting GHR and AHRS through Kitty’s Consumer Beware and other promotional sites. One of these manufacturers is obviously lying. If any of these people had ethics, they would distance themselves from participating in this sort of illegal activity. I call on all of them to denounce this plagiarism and stop associating with scam artists before they find themselves in legal trouble.