Cavanagh, 1978 (thallium and follicle inhibition)

Cavanagh, 1978

Title: Some effects of a thallium salt on the proliferation of hair follicle cells.

Authors: Cavanagh JB, Gregson M

Journal: J Pathol 1978 Aug;125(4):179-91

PMID: 722399, UI: 79069371

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Cited in: Lin

Thallium sulphate has been given to young rats at 4 and 7 days of age and the mitotic activity of the hair follicles has been assessed quantitatively. It has been found that there is a marked decline in mitotic rate over 48 hr in the thallium-treated animals, which is followed by variable amounts of cell death in the matrix zone. No specific mitotic lesion was found or change in cell cycle indices. A failure of energy metabolism is suggested as a possible cause of the inhibition of hair follicle mitosis by thallium.