GHR is simply a copy of AHRS device

Guaranty Hair Removal: a copy of AHRS

"Inventor" Judith Stephens

Judith Stephens, the manufacturer of the Guaranty Hair Removal electric tweezer, likes to consider herself an inventor. On a GHR sales page entitled "about the inventor," she even claims Thomas Edison and Robert Fulton as great-great uncles.

Judith Stephens’ bogus credentials

In reality, the only thing she has invented is a false history of the GHR tweezer.

Patents held by AHRS inventor

If GHR was invented first, why does AHRS inventor Hubert Lee Cole hold patents on the device?

US Patent 5,026,369
US Patent 5,534,003
US Patent 6,039,746

Judith Stephens holds no patents at all.

Cole is obviously tired of people like Judith Stephens claiming they invented his patented device, since he put a warning on his sales site:

Warning: We are the pioneers in non-invasive permanent hair removal. We hold 3 United States patents to prove it (Patent #5,026,369, #5,534,003, & #6,039,746). Any other "wannabee" companies claiming these methods are directly infringing on our patents and will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

FDA clearance given to AHRS before GHR

GHR did not even submit until three months after AHRS had already been cleared, as shown on the FDA 510(k) database:

AHRS submitted on 29 March 1989. (Docket K892514)
AHRS was cleared on 8 August 1990.
GHR did not submit until 13 November 1990. (Docket K905125)
GHR was not cleared until 5 August 1991.

The FDA reviewer who cleared both devices acknowledges that GHR is a merely copy of AHRS. He notes the copycat GHR is "in terms of intended use, design function and output characteristics, to the AHRS device," according to FDA documents. (Tilton 9 July 1991 p. 3, Docket K905125)

Even Stephens’ lawyer admits the AHRS device was cleared by FDA first, stating that "the GHR epilator is identical to the predicate AHRS." (Kahan 13 November 1990 p. 13, Docket K905125)

GHR even copies AHRS clinical data

Judith Stephens can’t even invent her own clinical data, resorting to stealing AHRS data and passing it off as her own. You can read all about it at under:

GHR steals AHRS data

The facts seem to show that her claim of being an "inventor" is yet another of Judith Stephens’ lies and exaggerations.