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Contact information

  • Address: 82 Cambridge Street, Burlington MA 01803
  • Telephone: 781-993-2300
  • Fax: 781-993-2330
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Palomar was founded in 1987. It has connections to other laser manufacturers:

  • Spectrum Medical: a division of Palomar under which the EpiLaser ruby laser was originally cleared to market.
  • Star Medical: an 80% owned subsidiary sold to Coherent in 1999. Star had the first diode laser cleared to market, originally called StarLight and later renamed LightSheer.

Available devices

Palomar SLP1000™ Diode Laser System

The SLP1000 features A Super long pulsewidth for all skin types

contact-cooling SheerCool™ Handpiece chills the skin before, during, and after each laser pulse no sprays or gels.

The Palomar SLP1000 uses super long pulses (up to 1000 ), which deliver energy to the skin over a longer period of time than shorter pulses (3 to 40 ms).

Photon Recycling. In this process, light that has been reflected away from the skin is captured and reflected back toward the hair follicles.

Palomar SLP1000™ Specifications