Solomon, 1998 (ruby hair removal)

Solomon, 1998

Title: Hair removal using the long-pulsed ruby laser.

Authors: Solomon MP

Journal: Ann Plast Surg 1998 Jul;41(1):1-6

PMID: 9678460, UI: 98341600

Affiliated institution: Division of Plastic Surgery, Allegheny University of the Health Sciences, Philadelphia, PA, USA.

There are a variety of traditional treatments for the removal of unwanted hair. Recently, lasers have been developed to remove hair. The long-pulsed ruby laser uses light at a wavelength of 694 nm with a 3-msec pulse to destroy hair. Seventy-two patients were treated with this laser from one to four times in a variety of areas. Seventy-one patients had an alteration in their hair growth. One patient had no change in her hair pattern. There were no scars and no permanent changes in pigmentation. Laser hair removal is a useful method for the treatment of unwanted facial and body hair.

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