Branigan’s Hair Specialists (WARNING!)

Branigan’s Hair Specialists

Branigan’s Hair Specialists is one of several Nebraska-based businesses which sell hair transplants, wigs, hair removal devices and herbal "breast enhancers." A business with the same owners as Branigan’s Hair Specialists has been listed as a distributor of a "transcutaneous electrolysis" system manufactured by International Hair Removal Systems (now called Rejuvenu). This device is marketed under the name Super-Phaser Gold.

Image One Aesthetics (a.k.a. Consulting Studio) should be avoided by all consumers.

They have been distributors for a"transcutaneous electrolysis" device called SuperPhaser Gold, which should be avoided.

On 2 April 2001, FDA told Rejuvenu they were in violation of federal law in making claims of painless and permanent hair removal using transcutaneous patches. This was their second such warning. Reputable companies are usually not associated with these products.

Contact information:

Address:111 N. 56th St., Suite #202 Lincoln , NE 68504 ( Branigan’s Hair Specialists)

Phone and fax numbers:

(800) 928-2891 ( Consulting Studio)
(402) 464-6536 ( Consulting Studio)
(402) 464-6536 ( Image One Aesthetics)
(402) 464-6111 ( Branigan’s Hair Specialists)
(402) 489-5183 ( Branigan’s Hair Specialists)
Fax: (402) 464-6476 ( Branigan’s Hair Specialists)

Websites: ( Branigan’s Hair Specialists)

email: ( Branigan’s Hair Specialists)

Names of individuals linked with this site:

"Ron O’Neal" is listed as co-owner (sometimes listed as "Don O’Neal")
"Nola O’Neal" is listed as a co-owner.

Note: Mark Daniel Baxa. M.D. is listed as the physician for Image One, but he is NOT involved in their hair removal business. For details, please click here.

Names of businesses with the same owners:

Branigan’s Hair Specialists
Image One Medical Consultants
Image One Aesthetics
Consulting Studio

The IHRS sales site lists Consulting Studio as a distributor. International Hair Removal Systems sells three "transcutaneous electrolysis" devices:

SuperPhaser Gold (called Super-Phaser Gold on these sites)
Pinnacle 1250