Huneke, 1992 (argon eyelash removal)

Huneke, 1992

Title: Argon laser treatment for trichiasis.

Authors: Huneke JW

Journal: Ophthal Plast Reconstr Surg 1992;8(1):50-5

PMID: 1554654, UI: 92207848

Affiliated institution: Medical Eye Services, Ada, OK 74820.

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The goal of trichiasis treatment is to eliminate misdirected cilia that irritate the eyeball. Established methods for removal of the eyelashes include epilation, electrolysis, and cryotherapy. Cryotherapy is currently the most effective method in widespread use, but has as potential posttreatment complications "visual loss, lid notching, corneal ulcer, acceleration of symblepharon formation, xerosis, cellulitis, activation of herpes zoster, skin depigmentation, and severe soft tissue reaction." (Wood JR, Anderson RL. Complications of cryosurgery. Arch Ophthalmol 1981;99:460-3.) The use of an argon laser allows more precise placement and control of the treatment, with better overall results. We reviewed the clinical course of 77 patients with a diagnosis of trichiasis, and 1 with distichiasis. We have found treatment of trichiasis with an argon laser with the patient under local anesthesia to be an effective office procedure.