Aavexx hair removal (NOT RECOMMENDED)

Aavexx is a brand of electric tweezer/transdermal electrolysis device sold by Global Electrolysis Supply, a disreputable company selling hair removal products on the net and through catalogs.

As with all Global Electrolysis Supply products, Aavexx should be avoided by all consumers.

Available devices:

  • Aavexx 300
  • Aavexx 349
  • Aavexx 500
  • Aavexx 549

The last two models include probes but are still promoted primarily as transcutaneous or no-needle methods.

Quack claims

  • “Scientists discovered it was completely unnecessary to insert a needle to produce caustic levels of sodium hydroxide inside the follicle pore. By simply clipping an electrode directly to the hair itself (with the aid of highly conductive silver chloride ion gel) the pH of the tissue could be elevated all the way to 14.”
  • “Detailed biopsies and countless studies showed exclusively that ‘transdermal’ was substantially equivalent to needle electrolysis for destruction of papilla and growth tissues.”
  • “Transdermal has been thoroughly tested as safe and effective through countless clinical studies and governing agencies.”
  • “Highly effective for the permanent removal of unwanted hair.”

Why Aavexx should be avoided

Even though their device with an electrolysis probe should be able to achieve permanent hair removal, consumers have complained about the shoddy quality of their devices and the condition they’re in when they get there.

From a consumer complaint site comment about Global (back before they changed their name from Allied):

I have been ripped off by Allied Electrolysis Supply. Not only do they provide bad customer service, but their products don’t work. The product they sold to me looks like someone just stuck a label printed by computer just to give it a name. The product stopped working after 2 weeks of use. I have tried calling them, but staff doesn’t answer my questions. I asked them for a mailing address…staff’s reply was “I wasn’t given that information.”
— Lourdes Banuelos, CA

Targeting vulnerable consumers

The following ads show how Aavexx is targeted at several groups who can least afford to waste money on products of dubious quality.

  1. Consumers who can’t afford to get professional hair removal because of the cost or embarrassment involved.
  2. People hoping to use Aavexx to make a little extra money as a home business or an added service in a salon.

Sold for home use:

Ad from December 2001:

Get YOUR home-use ELECTROLYSIS system !!

Aavexx no-needle electroysis [sic] system, remove unwanted hair in the privacy of your own home. Complete equipment systems (no-needle) for under $600.00. 1-800-325-8656, www.global-electrolysis-supply.com
Phone: (800) 325-8656
City: vancouver
Email: dataentry@global-electrolysis-supply.com
Website: www.global-electrolysis-supply.com

Ad from 2002:

Home-use electrolysis and hair removal

Be your own boss. Complete equipment systems (no-needle) for under $600.00. Aavexx no-needle electroysis [sic] system, remove unwanted hair in the privacy of your own home. Training and support www.hair-free-skin.com 1-888-281-7739

On offer 4 days old

Sold as business opportunities

Ad from December 2001:

Make money at HOME!!

Description  WORK FROM HOME, electrolysis and hair removal, earn $60-$100 an hour. Be your own boss. Complete equipment systems (no-needle) for under $600.00.Aavexx no-needle electroysis [sic] system, remove unwanted hair in the privacy of your HOME. Training and sup…
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