Gia’s Hair Removal Works

Gia’s Hair Removal Works

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  • Gia’s Hair Removal Works
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Hair removal services

Description of practice

From the annoying beard shadow to preparation for surgical procedures, I offer the skill and patience to give you the hair removal services you desire. You are looking for a practitioner who will make you feel welcomed and comfortable. You will enjoy the comfortable and professional environment which is clean and well equipped. All techniques are safe and skillfully applied. Our “Nex Gen” techniques and equipment is faster and more comfortable than you may have experienced. If this is your first experience you may be surprised that all the horror stories do not materialize.

I work strictly by appointment and I accept 24 hour appointment requests but suggest 7 days to assure the times you prefer.

FAQ: Very often clients want to know how long it takes to complete a project. Because of individual factors this is a question that can only be answered with certainty when we complete a project. I think in all honesty that people are hoping that these projects can be completed in one or two sessions. Even a small area like the upper lip under the nose may be cleared rather quickly, we must consider that hair grows in cycles and there are hairs growing below the surface which we will not be able to visualize until they have grown sufficiently. Please allow for this. We will be able to estimate treatment times once we meet and I am allowed to evaluate your individual case.

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