Laser Perm Photoepilator (WARNING!)

Laser Perm

Laser Perm is a brand of "continuous wave laser" sold by Global Electrolysis Supply, a disreputable company selling hair removal products on the net and through catalogs.

As with all Global Electrolysis Supply products, Laser Perm should be avoided by all consumers.

Available devices:

Laser Perm 500: "only" $2,000.00
Laser Perm 1000 "only" $3,000.00

They claim these are Class III and Class IV lasers with peak power less than 500 mW and an 808 nm wavelength. They say output is “15 J/cm2 of photon intensity” for the Laser Perm 1000 and 7.5 J/cm2 for the Laser Perm 500. Mmm hm.


Wow, where to start on this one? This product is an egregious violation of all sorts of federal laws. I’ll wager this will be the one that eventually does them in.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has not cleared "continuous wave laser" for use in hair removal.

The only approved lasers using carbon dyes have been demonstrated to be temporary in clinical studies.

Their “laser eyewear” appears to be a pair of sunglasses, and not protective eyewear for laser hair removal

I wouldn’t be surprised to find out their handpiece is just some kind of laser pointer.

Quack claims


"The newer open-pore procedure is much more thorough and reliable for achieving permanency."

"Laser Perm also works for tattoo removal, spider veins, resurfacing, scar reduction, and collagen stimulation for wrinkle reduction therapy."

Can you tell the difference?

As with their V2R probe devices, the two different models are actually the exact same photos of the same unit.

Below: a photo of the Laser Perm 1000.

Below: the exact same photo, now labeled as a the Laser Perm 500

The only "difference" appears to be the $1,000.00 price difference.

This is why I urge all consumers to avoid all products by this disreputable company.