Reynolds, 1994 (follicle stem cell overview)

Reynolds, 1994

Title: Hair follicle stem cells: characteristics and possible significance.

Author: Reynolds AJ, Jahoda CA

Publication: Skin Pharmacol 1994;7(1-2):16-9

PMID: 8003317, UI: 94271576

Affiliated institution: Department of Biological Sciences, Durham University, UK.

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All four of the principle dermal and epidermal cell types from the adult hair follicle (dermal papilla and sheath, germinative epidermal and outer root sheath) can now be grown in culture. The germinative epidermal cells from the source of the hair fibre appear to be the most visually distinctive of these populations, but all four can be morphologically, synthetically and behaviourally distinguished from general interfollicular skin cells. The germinative population also most obviously exhibit many classical stem cell attributes, but the interactive and inductive capabilities of all of the cell types, in addition to their multipotential natures, highlights that they all share an intriguing level of developmental flexibility.