Gentronics (Multi-Channel), Inc.

Formerly known as Multi-Channel (as indicated by MC160 model). Below: a 1997 ad.

Former contact information

  • Jim Jenson (owner)
  • 8721 Santa Monica Blvd. #210 Los Angeles, CA 90069-4511
  • 310-358-1997

Available devices

Model MC160: FDA 510(k) K864291 cleared 12/24/86

Model MC160D-C:  Digital Combo (both Single Needle and Multiple Needle Galvanic)

Model MC160D-S:  Digital Single Needle Blend and Flash Epilator; (same control panel as the combo, except the rear panel has no multiple needle connector).  This model can be easily upgraded to the combo without replacing the control panel.

Multiple needle racks came in Standard and Deluxe versions.

  • Galvanic
  • Blend
  • Thermolysis
  • Flash Thermolysis
  • Multiple-Needle Galvanic