Pubic hair removal use

Removal of hair on or around the genitalia is one of the most common hair removal procedures.


Hair in that area tends to be curly, which can make hair harder to shave. Curly hairs are more likely to become ingrown than hairs that grow straight. The area also tends to be more damp than exposed areas, which can add to ingrown hair problems. While some women find waxing is a good option, many want a permanent option. arrow Laser hair removal can cause permanent hair reduction, but you need to follow a few simple steps to get the most from it.


After shaving, waxing is the second most popular option.


Pubic hair responds well to electrolysis, but it can be time-consuming and painful. Some consumers use pain reduction techniques to make this procedure more bearable. Electrolysis works on any color hair and is permanent when performed correctly.


Luckily, the hairs in that area tend to be relatively shallow, making them good candidates for laser hair removal. If you have light skin and dark colored hair, you are an ideal candidate. Laser targets the pigment (color) in hair, and the darker the better. However, a laser can’t tell the difference between dark hair and dark skin, so it will also heat up dark skin. This can cause the skin color to change, and it can last for months. If you are going to get laser hair removal in the bikini area, it’s important to find someone with a lot of experience.

You should also avoid sun in the area for a week or two before and after treatment. In some cases, getting sun on the area right after laser can change the skin color, often in a patchy pattern. Better to play it safe! That also means don’t do it right befor you go on vaction, or right after you have been tanning.

Most people who are treated properly will see at least one-third to two-thirds reduction in the amount of hair. in addition, any hair that comes back after a course of treatments will probably be thinner and lighter in color.


There’s also been a trend for some guys to reduce the hair in that area with laser, too. Many people find going to the beach or having sex is easier and nicer with less hair down there, so don’t feel ashamed about wanting to do this! It can be harder for males to find practitioners who will work on them, especially in rural areas, but respectful inquiries, especially after getting previous treatments in other areas, will often lead to success. Cold-calling and asking for this specifically is less likely to result in success.

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