Combining hair removal


Basic facts

For some, the best treatment involves fighting unwanted hair with several methods in combination.


Popular options include a temporary clearance followed by permanent method for maintenance, an antiandrogen in combination with a permanent method, or the prescription topical Vaniqa in combination with a permanent method.


Quick clearance at onset gives immedaite cosmetic improvement.

Topical or oral medications can reduce hair growth, making permanent methods more effective and less costly.



Clinical data:

Most combinations have not been carefully studied in controlled consitions at this time.


Vary widely

Background facts

Some consumers have had good results from fighting unwanted hair on several fronts. If you seek permanent hair removal, it is a good idea to discuss your options with a dermatologist. You may benefit from supplementing electrolysis or laser with an antiandrogen or topical drug like Vaniqa.

For some consumers, especially males treating large areas, starting with a temporary method like shaving and waxing can offer immediate cosmetic improvement, and then hairs can be treated as they come back in.

Some consumers with light colored skin and dark hair have benefitted from a few laser treatments, followed by electrolysis on hairs the laser couldn’t treat.

Because of the number of possible combinations and the number of possible skin and hair types, space does not permit discussing every option. Please ask on the hair removal forum if you have a specific question.