Lunde, 1984 (body hair demsity)

Lunde, 1984

Title: A study of body hair density and distribution in normal women.

Authors: Lunde O

Journal: Am J Phys Anthropol 1984 Jun;64(2):179-84

PMID: 6465307, UI: 84277973

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The distribution and density of terminal hair growth have been studied in 19 different body regions in 100 normal women of fertile age and 25 normal postmenopausal women. In accordance with earlier investigations an age-dependent variation in hair growth pattern was observed. None of the women in either group had terminal hair growth on the cheek, and on the breast region hair was limited to a small circumareolar area. Whereas facial terminal hair growth appeared to be less common than that reported in earlier studies of women from other countries, the frequency of terminal hair in other regions was found to be significantly higher in the Norwegian women. No difference in hair growth pattern between blondes and brunettes could be detected.