Peereboom-Wynia, 1975 (galvanic vs. thermolysis, hirsutism)

Peereboom-Wynia, 1975

Title: The effect of electrical epilation on the beard hair of women with idiopathic hirsutism

Author: Peereboom-Wynia JDR

Journal: Arch Derm Res 1975, 254:15-22

PMID: 1200709, UI: 76086800

Dr. Peereboom-Wynia may be the first to do a clinical study involving hirsutism (hair in women due to excess androgen).

The influence of epilation by means of diathermy and galvanic current on the hair roots in the beard region of 11 women with idiopathic hirsutism has been investigated. The hair-roots could be destroyed by both methods. Various differences were found between the two methods:

1. After 10 weeks, the hair density in the field treated by diathermy was lower than that in the corresponding field treated with galvanic current. However, the time required for total destruction of all hair roots was found to be the same for both methods.

2. The diameter of the hairs growing again after diathermy was found to be less than that after galvanic current, while the proportion of dysplastic/dystrophic hairs was significantly greater.

Unfortunately, the sample size (11) is too small and the follow-up of a few months is too short to make any conclusive observations.