eBay is a popular online auction site. It is also the distributor of choice for several doubtful hair removal products. eBay has been notably unresponsive to attempts to get doubtful products taken from their site.

Hair removal products sold on eBay should be avoided unless you have confirmed they can work as claimed.

Below is only a PARTIAL list of questionable products frequently featured on eBay. I have listed them in alphabetical order

  • Aavexx
  • American Hair Removal
  • Bare and Beautiful
  • Bold and Beautiful
  • Dapelle
  • DMD "laser" series
  • Emjoi Beauty Forever
  • ePen
  • Epila
  • Epil-Stop & Spray
  • Ever So Smooth and Painless
  • Feminique
  • Finally Gone
  • Guaranty Hair Removal
  • Hair No More
  • Hammond and Weis
  • IGIA Ultra
  • Liquid Laser
  • Microlysis
  • One Touch Painless Tweeze
  • Psoret
  • Quazar
  • Removatron
  • Super Phaser Gold
  • Transdermal electrolysis
  • V2R
  • Vector
  • Verseo

Acceptable products

eBay occasionally has legitimate products available for sale. If you are not sure whether a product can work as claimed, please visit my hair removal forum for more information.