Omran, 1978 (x-ray epilation and mental problems)

Omran, 1978

Title: Follow-up study of patients treated by X-ray epilation for tinea capitis: psychiatric and psychometric evaluation.

Authors: Omran AR, Shore RE, Markoff RA, Friedhoff A, Albert RE, Barr H, Dahlstrom WG, Pasternack BS

Journal: Am J Public Health 1978 Jun;68(6):561-7

PMID: 655315, UI: 78184799

To investigate the late effects of radiation to the head upon subclinical mental disorders, a psychiatric and psychometric evaluation was performed on 177 cases treated 10-29 years earlier for ringworm of the scalp by X-ray therapy (N :109) or, by chemotherapy (N :68). Analyses which controlled for educational level and family psychiatric disorders showed that, among whites, the irradiated group manifested more psychiatric symptoms and more deviant MMPI (Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory) scores. They were also judged more maladjusted from their MMPI profiles, and more frequently had a history of treated psychiatric disorders; however, the psychiatrist’s overall rating of current psychiatric status showed only a borderline differnece between the two groups. There were no significant differences between irradiated and chemotherapy treated blacks.