Reynolds, 1994 (follicle reconstruction)

Reynolds, 1994

Title: Hair follicle reconstruction in vitro.

Author: Reynolds AJ, Jahoda CA

Publication: J Dermatol Sci 1994 Jul;7 Suppl:S84-97

PMID: 7999679, UI: 95092667

Affiliated institution: Department of Biological Sciences, Durham University, UK.

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The in vitro creation of a follicular structure capable of hair growth from cultured adult cells has long been an aim of researchers in hair biology. Basal outer root sheath cells (ORS) attached to the hair follicle glassy membrane (GM) were isolated and cultured, where they revealed greater replicative potential and longevity than ORS cells from plucked fibres. Hair follicles were reconstructed in vitro using the collagenous shells of rat vibrissa follicles as natural containers for 4 hair follicle cell types. Basal ORS cells were initially seeded onto the residual vibrissa GM, and cultured dermal papilla, dermal sheath and germinative epidermal cells were then added. Histology revealed that after 2 or 3 weeks in combined culture, cell interactions and tissue morphogenesis had resulted in the formation of irregular but recognizable hair fibres, produced from unusual bulb structures. To our knowledge this represents the first example of adult cell populations instigating the de novo creation of hair fibres in a culture dish. While the usefulness of the current methodology relates immediately to hair growth research, the generation of hair follicles and fibres in vitro establishes the enormous potential of this type of interactive work for practical purposes.