Hair removal terms: B

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Back: a common area for unwanted hair in males

Bacteria: an organism responsible for infection

Ballet: manufacturer of electrolysis needles

Barba: medical term for beard

Battery: source of electricity in some home electrolysis kits and electric tweezers

BBB: Better Business Bureau

Bead sterilizer: a questionable method for sterilizing hair removal equipment

Beard: Male facial possibly the most difficult hair to remove on the human body

Belisle System: a brand of wax for home use

Berkowits: manufactures a professional electrolysis machine

Better Business Bureau: a self-regulatory coalition of businesses working for consumer protection. They seek to encourage ethical business practices.

Better Off: a brand of wax for home use

Bic: makes disposable razors

Bikini area: a common area for unwanted hair in females

Bikini ZoneÂź: the brand name of a product designed to reduce or eliminate skin irritation after hair removal

Biopsy: a section of skin tissue removed for clinical observation

Black skin: probably the most difficult type of skin from which to remove hair

Birth control: drugs that sometimes cause increased hair growth

Birthmarks: discolored skin that should be examined and approved by a physician before hair removal

Blackheads: a type of clogged pore in the skin with a visible black plug

Blanching: a whitening of the skin sometimes caused by some types of hair removal. Also called hypopigmentation.

Bleach: a method used to disguise (not remove) hair by lightening its color)

Blend: a modality of electrolysis which uses both thermolysis and galvanic methods.

Blister: a small fluid-filled bubble on the skin caused by heat from overtreatment with certain types of hair removal

Blonde hair is not as visible, but it’s also harder to treat. Lasers have limited effects on it because of its lack of pigment, and it is difficult to see against the skin during plucking or electrolysis.

Blood: carries nutrients to a hair.

Body hair is considered aesthetically unpleasing by many cultures, usually more so for females.

Boutry: manufactures a professional electrolysis machine

Braun: makes electric razors and electric epilators like Silk-epil

Breast: a common area of unwanted hair in females, usually in the center of the chest and around the nipples

Bulb: the root of a hair, so named because it’s wider at the base

Bulbous needle: a type of electrolysis needle

Bulge: a point midway up the hair follicle which researchers suspect must be damaged to induce permanent hair removal

Broken capillaries: these tiny blood vessels at the surface of the skin can improve or get worse due to some types of hair removal

Bruise: a discoloration of skin from blood, sometimes caused by electrolysis, plucking, or waxing

Buttocks: a common area for unwanted hair in males

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