Messenger, 1984 (dermal papilla cultures)

Messenger, 1984

Title: The culture of dermal papilla cells from human hair follicles.

Authors: Messenger AG

Journal: Br J Dermatol 1984 Jun;110(6):685-9

PMID: 6375713, UI: 84231938

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Dermal papillae were isolated from human hair follicles and primary cell cultures were established from the papilla explants. The cultured papilla cells spread slowly, initially as a monolayer, and eventually formed multi-layered parallel arrays of fibroblast-like cells. At the edges of expanding colonies the cells were large and flattened and showed a tendency to form clumps. The behaviour of human dermal papilla cells in culture is very similar to that reported in cultures of papilla cells from rat vibrissa follicles.