Oguz, 1999 (diode eyelash removal)

Oguz, 1999

Title: Thermoablation treatment for trichiasis in trachoma using the semiconductor diode pumped laser.

Author: Oguz H, Aras C, Ozdamar A

Journal: Eur J Ophthalmol 1999 Apr-Jun;9(2):85-8

PMID: 10435418, UI: 99361771 ABSTRACT

Affiliated institution: Department of Ophthalmology, Harran University School of Medicine, Sanliurfa, Turkey. halitoguz@hotmail.com

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PURPOSE: The aim of this prospective study was to verify the efficacy of laser therapy for trichiasis in trachoma. Trichiasis is one of the most important complications of trachoma which is endemic in Sanliurfa, a city in the southeast of Turkey.

METHODS: Twenty-eight eyelids of 22 patients – 15 males and 7 females – with trichiasis related to trachoma involving the upper, lower, or both lids, were included in the study and treated with a semiconductor diode-pumped, frequency-doubled, solid-state laser operating true CW at 532 nm. RESULTS: 19 (67.9%) of the lids were successfully treated in two sessions or less. Six lids (21.4%) required a third laser session and three (10.7%) a fourth session. Mild notching or dimpling occurred in two eyelids (5.6%). Postoperative swelling was minimal or absent.

CONCLUSIONS: The results show that laser treatment may be successful for trichiasis caused by trachoma. Laser thermoablation is an effective and safe method, with many advantages over other modalities.