Ash, 1999 (alexandrite laser hair removal overview)

Ash, 1999

Title: Hair removal using a long-pulsed alexandrite laser

Authors: Ash K, Lord J, Newman J, McDaniel D

Journal: Derm Clinics 1999 vol 17 (2) April 1999


Affiliated institutions: Naval Hospitals Okinawa and Portsmouth, Laser Center of Virginia, Eastern Virginia Medical School

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A pretty good overview of the limited clinical data available at the time of writing.

The use of lasers for hair depilation has become a common modality for physicians in the recent past. As new lasers are developed, the complex mechanisms affecting this form of treatment are now under close investigation. The long-pulsed alexandrite laser functioning at a wavelength of 755 nm has recently been added to the armamentarium of health care providers to assist patients with unwanted body hair. A review of the embryology and anatomy of the hair follicle are discussed, as well as the findings of recent studies using this form of laser therapy. Using the suggested treatment protocols offered laser assisted depilation may be effectively achieved. The degree and duration of reduction vary with anatomic site and improve with multiple treatments.