Topical “hair inhibitors” (WARNING!)

Basic facts

A hair inhibitor or hair retardant is any product that can slow or stop the growth of hair. The prescription topical cream  VANIQAŸ is clinically proven and approved by the US Food And Drug Administration to slow hair growth on some (but not all) women’s facial hair. Some prescription oral medications have been clinically observed to slow hair growth as a side effect.

There is no published clinical data that backs up claims that over-the-counter topical products applied to the skin can slow or stop hair growth. Only  VANIQAŸ has done the type of extensive testing necessary to determine the effectiveness of a product.


Hair inhibitors have been around since the snake-oil heyday of the 19th century. However, after FDA approval of the prescription drug  VANIQAŸ, non-prescription products exploded, especially on TV infomercials and online.

There was also a surge in “hair minimizing” products that may soften and reduce the appearance of hair above the skin surface, but this has no effect on hair growth itself. Hair will continue to grow at the same rate and thickness despite using the products below.

Over-the-counter “hair inhibitors” to avoid

NOTE: This list is incomplete. ANY non-prescription product claiming to inhibit hair growth is making unproven claims.

Many of the products below contain moisturizers and a mild alkaline ingredient that can soften hairs above the skin’s surface, but there is no scientific evidence that they affect hair growth below the skin’s surface, especially at the root.

  • Adroit Natural Hair Growth Inhibitor by Omiera
  • AIVOYE Depilatory Cream & Growth Inhibitor
  • Alexya Bloker Wzrostu WlosĂłw
  • Azulene Oil hair inhibitor by Parissa
  • Babariba JabonĂł Intimo Inhibidor del Vello
  • Back-In-It Hair Growth Inhibitor Cream by Groomarang
  • Barever Natural Hair Inhibitor
  • Bikini Zone Hair Growth Inhibitor
  • Best By
  • Completely Smooth Hair Inhibitor
  • D’Lay CrĂ©me Hair Inhibitor by Thane International
  • Depileve Gold Concentrate Hair Inhibitor
  • Derma Nude Advanced Hair Retardant Gel by Apex Marketing
  • Derma Nude Advanced Hair Retardant Spray by Apex Marketing
  • Docteur Renaud Paris After Epilation Lotion with Hair Inhibitor
  • Don’t Grow There Body Moisturizer & Hair Inhibitor by Completely Bare
  • Dove Hair Minimizing Deodorant
  • Dr. Benade’s StoffHair Natural Hair Inhibitor
  • Enleve
  • Epil Xpress Reducteur de Pilosite Visage
  • Epil-Stop by Tactica
  • Epil-Stop Plus by Tactica
  • Epil-Stop Ultra by Tactica
  • Episoft Natural Hair Growth Inhibitor
  • EpiTwist Hair Inhibitor
  • Epizyme Stop Hair Regrowth for Body and Legs by GiGiHONEE
  • Epizyme Stop Hair Regrowth for Face by GiGi HONEE
  • Essence Cream Hair Inhibitor Cream by L’Aver
  • Eviction Natural and Permanent Hair Inhibitor by Sava India
  • Expressions Hair Inhibitor
  • follistat by Apex Marketing
  • Gorilla Warfare hair minimizing facial moisturizer by DERMAdoctor
  • Hair Away by Body EQ
  • Hair Free Hair Growth Inhibitor
  • Hair Inhibitor Lotion by BodyXpert
  • Hair Minimizing Body Butter by Tree Hut Bare
  • Hair No More Hair Inhibitor by Apex Marketing / Skin Doctors Cosmeceuticals
  • Hair Vanish by WOW
  • Inhibitif Body Hair Inhibitor
  • Isomers Skincare Laboratories Hair Growth Inhibitor
  • Javan Hair Growth Inhibitor
  • Kalo Hair Inhibitor – Lotion, Spray, by Nisim International
  • Kosmet Easy After Wax Hair Inhibitor
  • Lady Bump Stopper Night Time with Hair Inhibitor
  • Levissime Mousse Depil
  • Lex Hair Inhibitor Serum
  • Liquid Electrolysis by Global Electrolysis Supply
  • Lulanjina 100% Green Tea Hair Inhibitor
  • Luna Smooth Hair Growth Inhibitor
  • Mariana Hair Inhibitor Serum
  • Marzena No More Facial Hair Hair Minimizing Treatment
  • Maxima Hair Inhibitor by Green Canyon
  • Moisturizing Care Anti Hair Regrowth by Acorelle
  • Mohsense Hair Inhibitor Deodorant
  • Naturally Smooth Shave Minimizing Moisturizer by Jergens
  • NEUD Natural Hair Inhibitor
  • Noxzema Hair Minimizing Shave Gel
  • Revitol Hair Inhibitor
  • Serious Skincare Post Laser Hair Growth Inhibitor
  • Sibel Epil’Hair Pro Post Depil Hair Inhibitor Lotion
  • Slow Grow Skin Maintenance Lotion by GiGi
  • Smoth Away Hair Inhibitor Moisturizer
  • Smooth Hair Inhibiting Spray
  • Smooth-Max Hair Inhibitor Deodorant
  • Smoothfx Hair Inhibitor Gel
  • Stop Grow Hair Growth Inhibitor
  • Stophair Hair Reducing Spray (aka Stop Hair)
  • Strip Slow Hair-Growth Inhibitor
  • Surgi-Hair Stop – by Ardell
  • Surgi-Facial Hair Stopℱ by Ardell
  • Tweepi Hair Growth Inhibitor
  • UHA Sport by Apex Marketing
  • Ultra Hair Away by Victoria Bodyworks
  • Wax Shop by Peggy Sage Paris Émulsion anti-repousse [Hair Inhibitor Emulsion]
  • Whish Beauty Body Care Deodorant Gel with Hair Inhibitor
  • Whish Beauty Body Care Rice Milk Body Serum with Hair Inhibitor
  • Whish Deodorant Swipes with Hair Inhibitor


Many consumers have been injured by Epil-Stop in particular. One consumer has put up a page for Epil-Stop survivors.


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