Galvanic needle reaction

Schuster, 1992

James Schuster is a Wisconsin dermatologist who has prepared several videos and slide presentations on hair removal.

This demonstrates the chemical reaction that takes place with an electrified probe using direct (galvanic) current. The analog medium turns purple in the presence of sodium hydroxide (NaOH). This is the chemical that can permanently damage a hair follicle in galvanic and blend electrolysis.

Dr. Schuster prepared several hair follicles by leaving the surrounding skin intact. He then slid an electrolysis probe into the follicle and immersed the specimen in an analog solution that turns purple in the presence of lye. After applying direct current, the chemical reaction gengins to take place. Note the bubbling on the right side of the specimen– this is chlorine gas given of by the chemical reaction of the saltand water in the speciment tissue. Note the very light purple haze at the base of the follicle, indicating the presence of lye needed to kill the hair follicle.