Chris Williams, or “Chris Limon” (WARNING!)

Chris Williams/"Chris Limon"

Chris Williams, also known as "Chris Limon," is an Albuquerque-based salesman for Global Electrolysis Supply.

Global Electrolysis Supply should be avoided by all consumers.

A lot of consumers have written to say they’d love to track down Chris Williams. Thanks to hairfacts readers who have been ripped off by Chris Williams, I was able to obtain some new contact information and learn more about how he operates.

Williams is in his mid-20’s and has been operating out of Albuquerque, New Mexico for the past couple of years.

Recent online contact information: (using the name "Nick")

AOL Instant Messenger: Gurutgreat

ICQ #: 57982390

Operating on eBay

Another reader warned me that since late 2001, Chris Williams has been trying to sell Global Electrolysis Supply devices through the auction site eBay:

I was bidding on what seemed to be a laser epilation machine that was used in an office by a clinician. I have discovered with a lot of help from your site info on Global that one of its sales reps by the name of Chris Williams is trying to sell off returned items on auction. He pretends to be a female and gives misleading statements when asked questions about the machine he is selling. I was given a Massachusetts fax number to send credit card info for payment. The number is 413-521-3361. I asked where the item will be shipped from and he told me Albuquerque NM, that’s what tipped me off. Please add this to your website as it has become quite apparent that many of the Global-electrolysis machines are being auctioned off on ebay to unsuspecting bidders.

eBay member names:


Recent eBay auctions:

1658399158 (illegal "home use" hair removal laser)
1666790582 ("transdermal hair removal" method)
1665459736 (illegal laser, "transdermal hair removal" method)
1648924819 ("transdermal hair removal" method)
1652106224 ("transdermal hair removal " method)
1639656084 (illegal "home use" hair removal laser)

Anyone with additional information on Chris Williams, AKA"Chris Limon" can send it along, and I’ll forward it to the proper authorities.

Thanks to hairfacts reader Karlee!

Other names associated with Global Electrolysis Supply

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