James E. Pickens, M.D.

James E. Pickens, M.D., F.A.C.S.

James E. Pickens is a plastic surgeon with offices in Idaho and Utah. A website promoting Dr. Pickens’ practice also promoted a "transdermal electrolysis" device made by Rejuvenu called Super Phaser Gold, and an earlier device called the TE-System by AHRS.

Treatment with the Rejuvenu and AHRS devices should be avoided by all consumers.

As of late 2007, the Rejuvenu sales site listing Dr. Pickens as a distributor and containing a testimonial credited to him has gone offline.

As of 2008, Dr. Pickens maintains a website at > Extreme Wellness Clinic which makes no mention of these hair removal devices.


The archival information below is presented in the public interest and only concerns Dr. Pickens’ involvement in the field of hair removal. This site does not report on any other aspect of his practice.

Archival information

His sales site listed his wife Silvia R. Pickens as a Licensed Esthetician in Idaho Falls, Idaho.

Spa Esprit de Jasmin Eliot aka The Body Center (also hyphenated as Spa Esprit de Jasmin-Eliot)
Operator: Sylvia R. Pickens, (listed as an "M.B.A." and "Licensed Esthetician")
Address: 2315 Channing Way Idaho Falls, Idaho 83404
Phone: (208) 524-8309 800-764-5454
Fax: (208) 552-1019
website: http://www.jamesepickens.citysearch.com
Email: pickens@cyberhighway.net

> Utah office: 2265 South Murray Holladay Road Holladay, UT 84117

His wife also uses the name > Jasmin Eliot, Novelist/Aesthetician


sylvia pickens rejuvenu

Dr. Pickens introduces the Super-Phaser Permanent No-needle Hair Removal. This is an advanced treatment for the elimination of unwanted hair. The Super-Phaser is a new state of the art medical device that treats and disables unwanted hair follicles. It works effectively on all types of hair and skin. Whether you have coarse or fine hair, light or dark skin, blond or black hair, the Super-Phaser will permanently remove any unwanted hair.


Their main sales site said "see www.bodycontouring.com for more details." This site was registered to The Body Center.

The section of Pickens’ sales site called > Hair Removal Information stated:


"TE-SYSTEM. Permanent hair removal from AHRS.

ELECTROLYSIS FOR EVERYONE. The TE (Tweezer Electrolysis) System uses a patented process to safely and effectively remove unwanted hair without the pain of the needle. The TE-System is for women and men who want every advantage 20th century science has to offer.

HOW IT WORKS. Galvanic current is transmitted from the machine and channeled through the tweezers to the unwanted hair. The current follows our exclusive, highly effective gel electrode solution to the soft, moist tissue around the hair shaft down to the follicle.

The TE System is non-evasive [sic], safe and effective. Unwanted hair can be permanently removed from any part of the body – face, legs, arms, bikini area, etc."

Below is the text of the > testimonial credited to Dr. Pickens on the Rejuvenu sales site.



I have noted several changes in certain conditions in my patients while using the Super Phaser Gold Permanent Hair Removal Machines. The primary objective of the machine is to remove hair permanently, that I have personally shown by photographs as well as biopsy of treated areas. However, I have noted other facial skin treated areas for permanent hair removal. Tightening of facial skin treated with the Super Phaser Gold occurs in areas treated for permanent hair removal. After noting this occurence in facial skin, I began working on tightening of breast skin. There is preliminary indication that it is effective in this skin area as well. I should have photographic evidence for the breast area soon. When hair follicles, sweat or oil glands are treated with the Super Phaser Gold, these dermal elements contract as they scar down. In this manner each one of the treated elements causes the skin to shrink because it is scarring and taking volume out of the dermal elements.

Treatments for acne also appear to be very effective when Super Phaser Gold treatments are combined with microdermabrasion and light chemical peels. The treatment destroys the glandular aspect of the sweat or oil gland that reaches the surface to improve acne or excessive sweating. As long as there is enough moisture in the pore or other dermal element, there will be conduction down to the glandular aspect of the sebaceous (oil gland) or sudorifera (sweat gland) to obliterate the glandular part; thus, improving the hyper sweating or acne.

Spider veins appear to be improved after treatment by diminishing their appearance. In addition to permanent hair removal, a proven effect achieved by The Super Phaser Gold, the aspects of skin tightening, improvement of acne, improvement of hyper sweating and spider veins are still under study but favorable results have been demonstrated.

About the author:
Dr. James E. Pickens, and wife Sylvia, a renowned esthetician in her own right, operate a flourishing medical and wellness clinic in Salt Lake City, Utah. Dr. Pickens specializes in Plastic Surgery, Cosmetic Surgery, Weight Management, Skin Care, Longetivity and Wellness Medicine. Dr. Pickens can be reached at: Ph: 801-264-6630, Fax: 801-625-6631, by email: pickens@darnfastnet.com
or through his company’s website at: www.olympicbodycenter.com