Micro-1000 “microlysis” (WARNING!)

"Microlysis" hair removal

"Microlysis" is the name used by Global Electrolysis Supply for a hair removal device that is similar in concept to "transdermal electrolysis" devices.

As with all other products sold by Global Electrolysis Supply, Microlysis should be avoided by consumers.

Available device

Aavexx Electrolysis Micro 1000 Microlysis power system


These Global Electrolysis guys are like Taco Bell– they keep combining the same handful of ingredients in slightly different ways and calling it something new.

The bogus premise this time: Microlysis is a combination of their Aavexx 300 "transdermal electrolysis" device and a couple of their topical preparations. A "micro-head" is rolled across various gels rubbed on waxed skin:

1. Wax skin.

2. Apply "salicylic acid complex" for two minutes (just their Mend-Skin product).

3. Apply "anti-androgen complex" two minutes (just their Psoret product).

4. Apply "sodium hydroxide complex" (just their Liquid Electrolysis product).

In other words, it take about five minutes to treat a half-inch square with their tiny micro-head.

Above: half an inch of skin, actual size.
This takes about five minutes to "treat" with microlysis.

As with a lot of their products, these guys try to take legitimate scientific concepts and apply them to unproven methods of hair removal. Here, they’re borrowing from the idea of iontophoresis, which allows introduction of certain kinds of chemicals into the skin via electrical current. Microlysis reverses the flow of DC electricity through the body, causing an acidic reaction instead of an alkali on at the skin’s surface.

As with their other products, this is sold as a home business opportunity. This "top seller" will cost you $450 with no published clinical data top prove it can achieve the results they claim.

Quack claims

"Slows, weakens and eventually destroys the hair."

"Progressive permanent hair removal."

"Delivers large doses of anti-growth agents."