Coherent Star

Coherent Star was a laser hair removal manufacturer formed from the merger of Coherent, Inc. and Star Medical in 1999. The company later changed their name to Coherent Medical Group.

In 2001, > Lumenis was formed through merger of Coherent Medical Group and > ESC/Sharplan

This information is for archival purposes. For the latest information, please see the > Lumenis page.

Parent Company

  • Coherent, Inc.
  • 5100 Patrick Henry Drive, Santa Clara, CA 95054
  • 408-764-4000

Coherent Star

  • 1249 Quarry Lane, Suite 100, Pleasanton, CA 94566
  • 925-484-2140

Star Medical Technologies was at one time an 80%-owned subsidiary of Palomar Medical Technologies. In 1999 Palomar sold Star to Coherent.

Available devices

LightSheerℱ Diode Laser System for Hair Removal

Features: The long pulse width is more effective and friendlier to the skin. A patented ChillTipℱ handpiece.

The LightSheer comes in five different models:

  • LightSheer SC — Low cost .
  • LightSheer EC — higher fluence and higher coverage rate
  • LightSheer XC — fastest in the LightSheer family, with the highest coverage rate and highest peak power.
  • LightSheer SP — Compact
  • LightSheer EP — Compact, with higher repetition rate and fluence.