Coeptis (WARNING)


Coeptis is a Canadian sales site promoted by either one quack using several names (or by several different scam artists).

Coeptis and their products should be avoided by all consumers.

One of the many bogus products sold on this site is a "transdermal electrolysis" device for $3,500.00.

Contact information:

Address: 1385 Jules-Poitras #201, Ville St-Laurent, Qc Canada H4N 1Y8.
Phone: (514) 956-9970
Fax: (514) 956-9970

Old site/email: (no longer up)

Names linked with this site:

"Charles Atallah" uses the addresses above A web ad listed his contact information as: Tel: 514-956-9970 Fax: 514-956-9970.

"Oleg" claims to be "an IMG from Russia presently living in Canada"

"Alec Savenkov" also uses the email address. A recent web ad listed his address as: PO Box 33536 237, Cote Vertu St.Laurent, QC H4N 1Y8 – (514) 956-9970. Note this phone is the same listed for "Charles Atallah."

Available products

The Coeptis product page offers two devices that don’t have brand names:


Power: "60 volts at 6 amp"
Treatment: "$120.00/session"
Area that can be treated at once: "9" x 4.5" surface"
Equipment purchase price: "machine= $3500.00"

"Transdermal Tweezer"

Power: "525volts at 1.6amp"
Treatment: "$30.00/hour"
Equipment purchase price: "machine= $5000.00"

Connection to other bogus hair removal sites

The owner of Coeptis, who goes by the name "Charles Atallah," has been linked to other scam artists in the field of hair removal, notably "Katherine Cook" (aka Cathey Baker) who was helping Judith Stephens sell a bogus hair removal device when she started the "Kitty’s Consumer Beware" sales site. "Charles Atallah" has been a contributor on the sales site starting in 1998.

"Charles Atallah" is also literally linked to Judith Stephens (aka "Linda Gardner," aka "Marissa Copeland"). The Coeptis website has a link to another bogus hair removal device, an electric tweezer called Guaranty Hair Removal (GHR).

"Charles Atallah" has collaborated with Judith Stephens (aka Linda Gardner) and "Katherine ‘Kitty’ Cook" (aka Cathey Baker) via the "Kitty’s Consumer Beware" sales site ( The Coeptis links page has a listing for "Electrolysis" which takes you to This is a sales site owned by Judith Stephens, maker of Guaranty Hair Removal (GHR).

Notable quack comments

Here is the Coeptis sales site making illegal and dangerous claims. They say their products can not only remove hair, but they can even result in “HIV deactivation.” They also say:


Arthritis, Rheumatoid
Chronic fatigue dysfunction syndrome
Gulf war syndrome
Lyme disease
Hepatitis A,B,C,G
Candida albican


Here is "Charles Atallah" in his own words, posted to another quack site on 11 December 2000:

"im an alternative medical practitionor,practicing in canada,i work with electricity,magnets and so on,hundreds of people have been helped and cured with the application of my techniques and recomendations,i invite you to visit my web site, will see on the first page the importance of electricity,and by consequences electro magnetic field,they are interconnected…… "

"pharmaceuticals are owned basicly51% by mafia members the rest by influencial persons they dictate to the officials what to do and say,…… continue your work it is great?!if you need any help dont hesitate to contact me,my experience and knoweledge is for every one,and specially for you,yes because you are a universal mind and spirit and you deserve it.bye for now,and take care.

Here is "Oleg" in his own words, posted on 31 May 1998:

email="Charles Atallah" <> Hello!My name is Oleg.I am an IMG from Russia presently living in Canada.I am very interested in organizing a study group for the Step 1 here in Montreal.All nationalities are welcomed!

Here is "Alec Savenkov" in his own words, posted on 3 September 2000:

Alec Savenkov – PO Box 33536 237, Cote Vertu St.Laurent, QC H4N 1Y8 – (514) 956-9970

Ad No.: 2 – Department: misc on 09/03/00

Description : Psychotherapy by telephone! Solution- Focused Brief Therapy in a Privacy of Your Home! Alec Savenkov, MD, will help you resolve relationship/intimacy problems, depression/ anxiety, phobias, stress related and gender identity issues and other psychological problems. Don’t keep it inside! To schedule a telephone session call (514) 956-9970*, every day from 11am- 8pm (Eastern Time). $60.00/ 50-minute session (in US funds). We accept checks-by-phone ONLY**. *If you call from outside of Montreal area, regular long-distance charge may appear on your phone bill. **For US bank account holders ONLY. Link :