Eyelash hair removal

Eyelash hair removal is rarely done for cosmetic reasons. Usually it is done to relieve trichiasis, a medical term for ingrown eyelashes. This can be caused by infection, inflammation, autoimmune conditions, and trauma such as burns or eyelid injury. [1]

Standard treatment involves destruction of the affected eyelashes with electrology, specialized laser, or surgery.

8 cases of ingrown eyelashes had satisfactory results at 6 months. [2]

11 cases of ingrown eyelashes had satisfactory results 4 to 9 months later. [3][4] [5]

Reports 80% success in 15 eyelids. [6]

Reports 68% success with one treatment on 28 lids. The rest needed 3-4 treatments. [7]

Based on rabbit tests, he determines argon to be preferable to CO2 lasers for ingrown eyelashes. [8] See also the comment on this article at Gossman (1992) [9]

78 patients with ingrown eyelashes had satisfactory results. [10]


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