Hair removal hype

The companies and practitioners below offer products that can achieve satisfactory hair removal results, but they promote them with overblown claims that can lead to misleading consumers. This doesn’t mean these promoters a necessarily doing anything illegal, but they sometimes cross the line into claims that are better than they should be promising.

Brand: The Integrated System (Lucy Peters International)
Type of device: Probe electrolysis
Key figure: Lucy Peters

This needle electrolysis manufacturer makes repeated claims that her device will result in 0% regrowth without adequate substantiation. No hair removal manufacturer or method has been able to demonstrate that level of effectiveness in clinical data. Although their services are generally considered to be good, it’s a shame they resort to this sort of overpromise.

Brand: Photolysis HR (Institute of Laser Medicine)
Type of device: Flash lamp
Key figure: Edward Tobinick

This flash lamp practitioner makes claims of an exclusive method and makes several overblown claims about effectiveness.

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