Doubtful hair removal methods

Because consumers spend so much money on hair removal each year, there are many, many products and services to avoid.

Restricted methods

The following methods of hair removal are currently restricted for cosmetic use in the United States. In the case of x-rays, they have found to cause disfigurement and death when used for cosmetic hair removal. Photodynamic therapy is a newer procedure that has not been tested adequately for safety and effectiveness.

X-ray (banned in the United States)

Photodynamic therapy (experimental)

Doubtful methods

Several methods of hair removal make promotional claims that are not based on rigorous scientific data. Because the theories on which these products work have not been tested with adequate clinical data, consumers are advised to avoid these devices and products until there is adequate scientific evidence they can work as claimed.

Electric tweezers

“Transdermal electrolysis”

“Transcutaneous hair removal”



Foods and Dietary supplements

Nonprescription topical preparations (aka “hair inhibitors,” “hair retardants,” or “hair growth inhibitors”)

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