Topical pain reduction comparison

I’ve limited this comparison to a short list of  recommended topicals. Here’s a longer list of available topical anesthetics.


A pain medication which works perfectly for one consumer may not work at all for another.

I make absolutely no guarantee that any product mentioned in this section will work for you or will work better or worse for you than another product.

For details, see my  Pain management intro page.

Keeping the disclaimer above in mind, I consider ELA-Max 5 and EMLA as your two best options overall.

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Brand – Active ingredient (%)

Ametop gel – tetracaine (4%)

Betacaine cream – lidocaine, prilocaine

LMX-4 cream – lidocaine (4%)

LMX-5 cream – lidocaine (5%)

EMLA cream – lidocaine (2.5%), prilocaine (2.5%)

Mento-kaine liquid – benzocaine (20%), phenol, camphor, menthol

Stud spray –  lidocaine (9.6%)


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