Home electrolysis purchasing info

I do not recommend attempting home electrolysis, but I’ve provided purchasing information for those who decide to try it anyway.

Buying a home unit

Most home systems do not work. You must use a unit where you insert a probe into the follicle if you want permanent results.

The only home unit widely available in the US that uses a galvanic probe is:

One Touch Clean N Easy Home Electrolysis

Other consumers have written to me about their experiences with the General Medical Perma-Tweez, which seems to be limited in its availability. I’ll add more information as it becomes available. There are other home devices which use a probe, but most are significantly more expensive than the One Touch and have not been shown to work any better.

Important warning

One Touch units come factory sealed. If yours is not sealed in plastic, you must sterilize the unit to reduce the chance of infection from any previous owner(s). Soak the probes in bleach and swab the stylet tip and tweezers with bleach. You should also wipe the entire unit down with alcohol. Sometimes units sold as new in stores have been returned, so you should take this precaution even if it was sold to you as new.

One Touch units are available for about US$20 to $30 at drugstores, some department stores, and beauty supply stores.

They are also available online on Google and eBay

Buying one outside the U.S.

In February 2002, a European reader wrote:

There is no European retailer as far I know (have just spent 5 hours on the PC to find one…useless). So there is no way out for us here in the EU and the rest of the world, other than using an US on-line shop. So I just did it. Here comes a tip for your visitors: I just paid 63 dollars for the Deluxe version of One Touch + 2 x 2 extra sets of needles AND postage at www.globaldrugs.com/ <http://www.globaldrugs.com/> At Folica the same pack would have costed me 95 dollars…

Buying a professional unit

Some people have purchased professional units for home use. While expensive, some prefer a more sophisticated device than the home units. In some states, it is against state regulations for unqualified people to buy or use professional electrolysis equipment, so proceed at your own risk.

You should consider buying a galvanic professional machine instead of a thermolysis machine, based on anecdotal data suggesting thermolysis is more likely to cause skin damage if done improperly.

Reputable distributors

Reputable professional brands are listed on this site under Electrolysis manufacturers. The distributors below are considered reputable companies. Please note that some online distributors are scammers selling products that don’t work as claimed. You can also call electrologists in your area to see if they have old units for sale.

  • Prestige Electrolysis & Spa Supply
  • Texas Electrolysis Supply Store
  • Associated Health & Beauty Products
  • Electric Spa
  • Aesthetics Systems USA Inc.
  • Dectro International
  • Clareblend Inc.
  • Silhouet-Tone USA
  • Synoptic Products
  • Sterex Electrolysis International
E-commerce sites (warning!)

If you look for devices sold on e-commerce sites, be aware that many expensive devices sold on Amazon, Craigslist, and eBay are scams.