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SLS Biophile, Ltd. [formerly Mehl/Biophile]

Contact information (Chromos 694 Manufacturer)

  • Address: SLS Biophile Ltd. Units 1 & 2, Heol Rhosyn, Dafen Park, Llanelli, Carmarthenshire, United Kingdom SA14 8QG
  • Telephone: +44 (0) 1554 755444
  • Fax: +44 (0) 1554 755333
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Available devices

Chromos 694 Pulsed Ruby Laser


  • Type: Flashlamp Excited Pulsed Ruby Laser
  • Wavelength: 694.3nm
  • Pulse Duration: 600 to 1000 microseconds FWHM
  • Delivery System: Flexible Fibre Optic, 7mm Optical Handpiece
  • Mode Structure (at tissue): Top Hat +/- 2% of mean
  • Aiming Beam: Green (543nm)
  • Energy To Tissue: 5 to 20 Jcm-2
  • Repitition Rate: 0.6Hz to 0.4Hz
  • Electrical Requirements: Single Phase 220 – 240V~ 12A Clean Supply, 50 & 60 Hz Models Available
  • Cooling System: Self contained De-ionised water chiller system
  • Safety Class: Class 4 Laser Product
  • Electrical Class 1, BF Type, Stationary Equipment
  • CE 0120 Approved under EN 55011/EN60601-1-2
  • SEV Approved Class 1 device under MDD 93/94/EEC
  • User Interface:On Board computer based self diagnostics
  • Alpha-numeric display
  • User friendly computer based soft touch control panel
  • Internal energy meter with display of energy density
  • Environmental Requirements: 10 to 28 Degrees Celcius
  • Non-condensing humidities below 75% RH
  • Dimensions: 109cm X 88cm X 67cm
  • Weight: 330kg (in packing case)
  • Equipment Included: Optical Fibre
  • 7mm Optical Handpiece
  • 2 Sets of safety glasses OD>7 @ 694nm
  • Dustcover
  • Lens Cleaning Equipment
  • User Manual
  • Footswitch


The Chromos 694 was cleared to market in 1997 by a company called Mehl/Biophile. The founder, Thomas Louis Mehl Sr., was a fixture in the world of hair removal scams long before he got into lasers. Here’s a timeline of his sordid career in hair removal:


Mehl receives FDA clearance to sell his electric tweezer, Finally Free.


Mehl sells Mehl International and his Finally Free electric tweezer to Selvac. Mehl goes on to run an operation called Classy Lady by Mehl of Puerto Rico Inc.


FDA seizes some of Selvac’s Finally Free tweezers, leading to a subsequent settlement in which Selvac agreed not to sell the product in the USA. Mehl later won control of Selvac, apparently in settlement of a lawsuit.


December: Laser Industries and Classy Lady by Mehl entered into an agreement to exploit patented laser hair-removal technology exclusively licensed to Classy Lady. The resulting company, Sharplan 2000, was 50%-owned by Classy Lady and 50% by Laser Industries and is managed exclusively by Laser Industries.


June: Mehl acquired 81% interest in SLS Wales Ltd., a Welsh laser company

Mehl merges with Selvac to from Mehl/Biophile. The audacious press release begins, "A new God-given era began for shareholders of SelvacCorp.began Tuesday."

December: Mehl terminates the Sharplan venture with Laser Industries and sues to keep them from using SLS technology.


March: Chromos 694 ruby laser is cleared by FDA.


February: Rival laser company Palomar Medical Technologies Inc. won a judgment to invalidate a patent for laser-hair removal held by MEHL.

June: MEHL requested a hearing before Nasdaq’s listing panel on plans of the exchange to delist its stock from the SmallCap Market. Nasdaq cited the company’s failure to meet the requirements for continued listing.

August: Mehl’s largest unsecured creditor, Clearwater Funds, took legal action to force Mehl/Biophile into involuntary bankruptcy. It was hovering around 2 cents a share at the time, off its high of $9.00


March: The US Securities and Exchange Commission filed a complaint against Mehl for not filing its Annual Report on Form 10-K for the fiscal year ended May 31, 1998, and 2 subsquent quarterlies.

May: Mehl dies after a long illness.

September: A federal appeals court upholds a lower court decision that Palomar did not infringe on a Mehl patent.


Hamilton-Biophile Companies is formed by merging Hamilton-Clarke and the remains of Mehl/Biophile following the removal of all Mehl management. The electric tweezer device is sold by this company, which seems to have convince former civilian defense contractors to work for them with promises of stock. SLS Biophile in the UK seems to operate separately.

Miscellaneous names and addresses associated with Mehl:

BMC industries Paul Burke, 44 Chairman, CEO

Mehl Consumer Division 7321 Roseville Road, Suite 10 Sacramento, CA 95842


Gilbert, GF (GG877) gfgilbert@MSN.COM

Biophile USA Inc. 8776 Killdee #100 Orangevale, CA 95662 916-988-8950

Hamilton-biophile Nasdaq: HCHB

Finally Free Consumer Products 7321 Roseville Road, Suite 10 Sacramento, CA 95842 800-506-9430

A PR release by Greg Gilbert dated 2 Oct 2000, he claimed that Hamilton-Biophile Companies (“HCHB”), formerly MEHL/Biophile International Companies was paying off its over $12 million in debt with stock instead of cash. The Company filed Chapter 11 protection when it was unable to present audited financial statements due to the extreme costs of accounting for the activities which took place when Clearwater Funds was forced to protect itself by filing an involuntary bankruptcy petition. That bankruptcy was dismissed when Mr. Gilbert took over the company, and arranged for Clearwater Funds to take most of the assets and stock. According to the documents, a central reason for the filing of the Chapter 11 proceedings on January 3rd, 2000, was the inability of the Company’s management to provide an audited accounting due to the stopping of all operations.

major supplier, United Productions

sales representatives, Skolnick & Associates.

The plan also provides for bringing suit against the Mehl estate, and the acquisition of all patents from them due to "work for hire" rules, and other factors.

Other aspects of the plan include acquiring Hamilton-Clarke Industries, a company with many products, as a subsidiary, giving preferred stock relating only to its success, and $500,000 worth of HiEnergy Microdevices, a high tech company in Irvine California with a non-invasive neutron beam technology.

Device name FDA 510(k) Cleared