Psoret “anti-androgen” (WARNING!)

Psoret "anti-androgen"

Psoret is the name used by Global Electrolysis Supply for a topical preparation they claim works to block male hormones from causing hair growth.

As with all other products sold by Global Electrolysis Supply, Psoret should be avoided by consumers.

Psoret claims to be an anti-androgen or testosterone blocker. Consumers considering the use of androgen blockers should use legitimate products recommended by a physician. Psoret has not been evaluated by FDA and is of unknown potency.

To learn more about legitimate products, please see my page on prescription androgen blockers.

Available products

Psoret 600-E ($200 for 400 ml)

Psoret 600-F ($300 for 400 ml)

The difference between the two is that Psoret 600-F supposedly contains saw palmetto, an herbal supplement. While saw palmetto has been shown to have some effect on certain androgens, there is no published data on its topical use for hair growth inhibition.

Prescription androgen blockers proven with published clinical data are available for less than Psoret.

Quack claims

"Psoret 600-E offers a highly localized (site specific) treatment. It may be used to shut down hair growth on shoulders but not impact the chest area."

"Follicles that enter the anagen phase during treatment will be hormonally denied."

"The entire growth phase (anagen) can be shut down."

“Psoret 600-F Formula outperformed finasteride in clinical studies for blocking androgens through the testosterone/T-5-AR enzyme pathway.”

“Unlike other anti-androgens cimetidine has not shown adverse reactions in female subjects or fetal impairment (such as finasteride).”

This product is supposedly made by Hammond and Weis, but as with all Global Electrolysis Supply topical kits, they are simply overpriced concoctions that have not been adequately tested to back their claims.