Joseph Hildebrand, Solace Massage Therapy

Joseph Hildebrand, Solace Massage Therapy

In 2004, Michael T. Ricks Sr. of Gemini Body Works and "medical consultant" for Rejuvenu was arrested on 31 counts of criminal impersonation and sexual assault.

Here’s a letter I got in response from Joseph Hildebrand at Solace Massage Therapy in Colorado

My favorite parts are in bold.

Dear Mrs. James:
I was intrigued by your web site and your public battle with the so called Dr. Ricks. Unfortunately, you come off somewhat as a hypocrite in asking people to feed your kitties. If you cannot afford cats that you acquired through your own free will, then you should place them up for adoption.

That is as much a scam as Dr. Ricks. Get a job and work for the damn money. I will be speaking to the appropriate offices here in CO to see if what you are doing is even legal.

Web Reader

I wrote back:

My site is free like a library or public television station. If you wish to donate, you can; if you don’t, the information is still available to anyone. If you think it’s illegal to ask for a voluntary donation in this manner, by all means call every office you can think of and educate yourself a little.. Asshole.

Then I get this:

Oh belive me I am educated! More so than you would ever know. And what’s with the asshole? I don’t think that was deserved.
I will forward this e-mail to the parties I have been in contact with to show them the true character of the person who is asking for donations. GET A JOB HIPPIE.
In the end I can pay for my animals without the assistance of others. If I couldn’t, I would offer them the life they deserve by placing them in a better home. But, seeing how you are the self centered, ego centric CA type you would never be able to do that.
Some say never to argue with a fool because from afar people cannot tell who is who. At this point I think you are 20 times worse than Mr. Ricks. So to end the e-mail much the same way you ended yours…FUCK OFF SKANKY HOE AND GET A JOB AND A LIFE WHILE YOU ARE LOOKING FOR A JOB SEEING HOW YOU HAVE ENOUGH TIME TO MEDDLE WITH OTHERS.
Your Good Friend,

So I say:

You felt entitled to share your opinion with me, so I felt entitled to share mine. Uneducated asshole.

Now here’s where it gets funny:

I don’t know who you are and I also don’t know how my son got the password to this e-mail account.
I ask you to not write him any more! There is definitely some inappropriate language that I dont approve of. I don’t know who in their right mind would act and say the things you have to a 12 year old. It is very disappointing.
Do not send anything to this account ever again!
Thank you.

So I say:

He was able to get the password because you are a bad parent.
I don’t know a good parent who would raise a 12 year-old who would write messages like that. My guess is he will go unpunished.
Start monitoring your child’s internet use and start teaching him some manners. He is growing up into a very pathetic human being, and he’s not even a teenager yet. Sounds like you’re raising a future Columbine killer in the making unless you start supervising him and communicating with him like a real parent.

Since they just won’t let up:

Call it what you will, I don’t care.
I have asked you nicely to not send anything to this account. This will be my final request. I hope you understand that I am serious! Please do not send any more e-mails to this account period.

I guess Joe saw that this was online and couldn’t resist one more note:

If you feel that is appropriate then by all means go ahead! I really could care less about what you do, nor could my clients. Your thinly veiled threat means little to me and I can assure you it will have no effect on me.
I have repeatedly and politely asked you to not send anything to this account. Will you place that on your web site as well? How about the fact that I have made not threats against you and have been very cordial with you, will you place that on the website?
I suppose you will pick and choose what you will and take things out of context.
Are you going to show the world that you spend your days squabbling with a 12 year old over e-mail? What about your crass attitude and language? I am sure that wont appear. Go ahead and place it all there from start to finish no edits and what will your readers perceive about you? I have read all of the e-mails to see how this started and I do believe you were the first to lose your cool. But I am sure you will paint yourself as the do gooder, innocent victim here. If you get some sort of gratification then go ahead this is America after all.
I could just as easily throw any of this up on any 4 of my web sites and I guarantee that any of those sites garner 20 times the traffic and attention that your site does. However I feel there is a certain level of maturity, morals, and ethics that should take place on the web and therefore it would take much more than this for me to stoop to a silly level. Not to mention that my time is far more important and valuable to me.
I truly feel you have a decent site and the information you provide would be very valuable to a person considering hair removal.( I have been through the majority of your site to see or get an idea how any of this came about all the while knowing you could easily view my tracks and retrieve my information) I just feel that you could pick and choose your battles a little bit better.
So unless you have anything else to say that is of any significance than I would like to carry on with my life as it was without you!
Thank you for your time,

So, now it’s out there on the internet for posterity. Thanks Joseph Hildebrand at Solace Massage Therapy in Colorado!