Plantin, 1998 (shaving for hypertrichosis)

Plantin, 1998

Title: Shaving: a simple and effective treatment for moderate congenital hypertrichosis.

Authors: Plantin P, Schoenlaub P, Dupre D, Le Fur JM

Journal: Eur J Dermatol 1998 Apr-May;8(3):189-90

PMID: 9649679, UI: 98315326

Affiliated institution: Dermatology Department, Laennec Hospital, BP 1757, 29107 Quimper Cedex, France.

Congenital hypertrichosis is a rare disorder. It is sometimes associated with facial dysmorphism, and dental and gingival abnormalities. This condition constitutes an esthetic problem and regular shaving with a simple razor can be a simple method of treatment.