Laser hair removal side effects (striping)

Striping caused by laser hair removal

The photos below are of a male in his mid-20’s two weeks after hair removal treatment with a long pulse Nd:YAG laser. Note the vertical stripes caused by uneven application of the laser. It’s especially noticeable on his left side. He had to cover the treated area with makeup and writes, "I have been keeping pictures and a journal. I have been staying out of the sun, went to a dermatologist, and am using a lotion for my skin."

He has generously allowed me to use these photos here. He adds he hopes it "may make others feel better if they have similar outcomes from this procedure. I know I was freaking out and did not know what to expect. I feel more at ease when I contacted you, other sources, and the dermatologists."

Usually these cases resolve themselves, although it can sometimes take several months. This patient did the right thing and went to see a dermatologist. It’s also extremely important to avoid getting any sun on the treated area if you’ve had a reaction like this.

It’s vital to go to a qualified professional to reduce the risk of improper treatment. For details, see my section on choosing a laser practitioner.

I will add more updates as they come in.


His left side:

His right side: