Kobayashi, 1987 (thermolysis with insulated probes)

Kobayashi, 1987

Title: Electroepilation using insulated needles.

Authors: Kobayashi T, Kamiyama G

Journal: Aesthetic Plast Surg 1987;11(4):223-7

PMID: 33445813, UI: 88180529

We have practiced electroepilation using insulated needles on approximately 500 patients over a five-year period using electroepilation equipment that produced a thermolysis (high frequency) current. Our patients were given three to eight treatments at two-week to three-month intervals. The results for 73 patients, observed six months to three years after their last epilation, showed little or no hair regrowth and no scarring. We attribute our success to concomitant factors: We were able to destroy the hair papilla using a long-duration, high-frequency current while protecting the skin surface from scarring by using an insulated needle.