Peereboom-Wynia, 1985 (blend vs. thermolysis, hirsutism)

Peereboom-Wynia, 1985

Title: A comparative study of the effects of electrical epilation on beard hairs in women with hirsutism by diathermy and the blend method

Authors: Peereboom-Wynia JDR, Stolz E, van Joost T, Kleiman H

Journal: Arch Derm Res 1985, 278:84-86

PMID: 4096535, UI: 86157766

This is a follow up to a 1975 clinical study involving hirsutism (hair in women due to excess androgen). Of the nine hirsute patients, most found blend more bearable than thernolysis, and differences in results were statistically insignificant. However, a slight edge with blend was noted.