Rejuvenu’s Lee Cole accused of fraud

Former employer accuses Lee Cole of fraud

Below is a scan of a letter sent out by Judith Stephens of Guaranty Hair Removal, accusing Lee Cole of all sorts of unethical and illegal business practices.

Lee Cole went from being a distributor to a competitor, selling the same type device under the name American Hair Removal System (AHR or AHRS), the TE System, and later under the names International Hair Removal Systems (IHRS) and Rejuvenu International Limited.

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Full text of the letter about Lee Cole follows the scan, with highlights in bold.

The Truth… The Whole Truth… and Nothing But The Truth…

The Truth About Lee Cole.. The TE System.. The AHR Device

In January, 1983, I received my prototype of the GHR. After two and one-half years of research and development, I filed my 510(K) with the FDA on May 27, 1985.

The GHR epilator came into the marketplace in January, 1986. Lee Cole purchased unit #1011 March 25, 1986, with his check #171 for a $500 deposit and check #173 for the balance. I delivered the equipment and trained his staff on April 7, 1986.

During the next 2-3/4 years, he sold some 70 plus GHR epilators, the last one being serial #1138 with check #1675 dated October 25, 1988. He sold GHR epilators for some 2 years and 7 months when he was relieved of his distributorship for selling a used unit to Marlene Sessoms of Saint Paul, NC.

Previously, he had been reprimanded as a distributor for the following illegal/unethical business practices:

*breaking into a GHR device and trying to file a claim with UPS for damage during shipment.

*using “artificially inflated MSRP” sales tactic at cosmetology shows wherein he would increase, without permission, the suggested retail selling price by $500 (from $3,495 to $3,995) and then offer a “Show Special Discount” of $500 making the show special price $3,495.

*selling used equipment as new equipment and extendoing the warranties beyond those of the manufacturer.

*using scare tactics that “the price is going to go up so you need to buy now” when such a price increase has never occurred.

Additionally, he lied to the US Patent Office claiming to be the originator of the galvanic tweezer device in order to obtain an invalid patent.

He uses a gel-type conductor that puts the current into the skin and not the hair follicle. This is what I was using in 1986, when he sold the equipment so that’s what he copied. In the meantime, I’ve developed the galvanic tweezer to a better procedure that results in more hair follicles permanently killed than even the needle.

Ask him for a copy of his “clinical study” data and compare it with GHR. You’ll see that it is copied from the GHR studies.

You can decide with whom you wish to purchase your equipment. A man that has a very long history of dishonesty and deceitfulness or the originator of the technique and equipment.

Judith G. Stephens
President & CEO


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