American Supply/New Life Systems (WARNING!)

American Supply/New Life Systems

New Life Systems is a Minnesota-based sales site that distributes beauty, spa, and chiropractic equipment. They also operate under the name American Supply Company.

New Life Systems (a.k.a. American Supply Company) should be avoided. They have been listed as distributors for the Super Phaser Gold "transcutaneous electrolysis" device.

Reputable companies are usually not associated with these products. They are manufactured by Rejuvenu International Limited and marketed under the names TransQ-2000, Super Phaser Gold, and Pinnacle 1250. This company has made claims of painless and permanent hair removal which are in violation of federal law.

2002 update: New Life Systems claims they no longer feature this device on their website or in their catalogs, but they will not confirm whether they are still involved in the promotion or sale of the device or treatments with it. For details, please read our correspondence.

Contact information:

Address: 2853 Hedberg Drive Minnetonka, MN 55305-3404
Phone: (800) 852-3082 (952) 546-4100 [formerly (612) 546-4100]
Fax: (888) 717-7701 (952) 546-1040

Names linked with this site:

"Allan B. Share" is listed as co-owner. or

"Kathy Share" is listed as co-owner.

"Russ G. Goos" is listed as a computer contact

"Sari Kronson" is listed as a contact.

"Allen Share" is an alternate spelling that appears in some listings

"Adam Share" might be another name used by the owners.

"Traci Share" might be another name used by the owners. Traci’s last name may also start with "A"– ?

"Sholly Blustin" is listed as their lawyer.

Available products

In 2001, the Rejuvenu sales site listed American Supply/New Life Systems as a distributor. This page was removed in late 2001. Rejuvenu sells three "transcutaneous electrolysis" devices:

SuperPhaser Gold
Pinnacle 1250

Assumed names?

The connection to Rejuvenu is enough to cast doubt on the legitimacy of New Life Systems, but there is also reason to believe the owners may be using assumed names. A page containing a letter from the owners contains a photo that is supposedly of owners "Allan and Kathy." However, the photo itself was labeled "adam_traci.jpg."

Both men involved with Rejuvenu use different versions of their names, and one of them led the U.S. Food & Drug Administration to believe he was a dermatologist, even though he isn’t.