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Marion Williams is a practitioner of "transcutaneous" hair removal in Carlsbad, California. She is also listed as a distributor of the "transcutaneous electrolysis" device made by International Hair Removal Systems (IHRS).

Winds Face and Body Studio should be avoided for hair removal. They sell an unproven "transcutaneous" method.

Treatment with the AHRS or IHRS devices such as SuperPhaser Gold should be avoided by all consumers. There is no published data showing it can remove hair permanently.

Reputable people usually do not associate themselves with these devices.

Contact information:

Address: Carlsbad Family Medicine 3050 Madison Street Carlsbad, CA 92008
Address: Village Chiropractic 2653 Roosevelt St. #B Carlsbad, CA 92008
Phone: 1-800-203-2684 (760) 434-7771 [formerly 619-434-7771]
Other phone numbers: (760) 720-7766
Fax: (760) 720-7204
email or

Marion Williams used to promote the "transdermal electrolysis" method made by American Hair Removal System (AHRS). This company has been renamed IHRS and their product slightly modified to include a "transcutaneous patch." Claims of permanent hair removal by these manufacturers and practitioners are illegal and have not been evaluated by the US Food and Drug Administration.

A local directory erroneously lists them under electrolysis.

Another old directory listing had:

Marion Williams


A charming studio in Carlsbad California named Winds Face and Body Studio discovered a method of removing hair permanently The company that manufactures this machine is American Hair Removal System Inc

"No Needles"
Permanent Hair Removal
For Women & Men
Trans-Dermal Electrolysis
6 Years Experience
Sonage Products & Facials

From a spa convention listing and program (PDF – requires Adobe Acrobat)

Vancouver, April 16 & 17, 2000 Canada Place, on the Waterfront

Marion Williams represents International Hair Removal Inc., an American company.

Marion holds a Bachelor of Physical and Life Sciences degree from University of California, at Berkeley. Upon retirement from teaching 10 years ago, she trained as an esthetician and founded her own business – Winds Face and Body Studio. At that time she purchased a hair removal machine from Lee Cole, the inventor. Marion now proudly presents the most modern hair removal machine – The Super Phaser Gold, which came into production last year. This medical device treats hairs by groups, either with a cotton- tipped probe or with electrode patches. The patches can treat up to 36 square inches in 20 minutes!

International Hair Removal System (D) 211
"I’m looking for representatives for Western Canada"
Telephone (760) 424-7771, 1 (800) 203-2684
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Telephone (514) 333-6161, 1 (800) 203-2684

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